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How to get energy and achieve better mental balance without exercise and diet?
Stress & weakness

Everyone wants to be healthy, strong and have a healthy balance in mental and emotional life. And each person has their own methods for achieving this very balance and gaining energy as well. As a rule, people tend to try various available and easy ways in order to reach this goal. For instance, they start drinking excessive amounts of coffee and energy drinks, devouring dark chocolate and nuts, gorging on cakes and sweets.

How far are these methods safe?

All the foods and drinks mentioned above, vitamins and microelements found on the shelves of drug stores, special nutrition and sports products for professional athletes are defined as stimulants. Doping and stimulants literally drain the life force energy and body’s resources.

How to regain vital energy for real and for long?

The balance of microelements is extremely crucial for living a healthy life. Even the most intense exercise and “proper” diets advised by dietitians can not help to deal with the lack of energy problem, chronic fatigue symptoms and psychological discomfort. Especially when a patient is diagnosed with the deficiency of essential elements.

Note: About 40–45% of the patients (that is roughly one-third of the world’s population) have iron-deficiency anemia. It is worth mentioning that the given data is the exact number of the patients diagnosed with anemia during a medical examination and through a blood test. It means that those patients had already been struggling with health problems and had to go to the hospital to get medical help and treatment. The actual number of people who have iron deficiency anemia is probably much higher! Where can the energy possibly come from in this case?

How can anemia be prevented?

Iron is known to be the key element for blood production that helps transport oxygen throughout the body, it takes part in DNA synthesis and carries electrons for energy production. Iron is thus rightly regarded as the source of vital power.

It seems like it is rather an easy problem to deal with. Buying iron containing products at a pharmacy sounds like the way out. However, regular iron supplements have a major drawback, it is their low bioavailability. The reason is that interaction with oxygen results in the formation of poorly soluble oxides. Therefore, such supplements and drugs are hardly absorbed by the body and they can cause serious side effects.

Is there an alternative to regular pharmaceutical iron supplements? Fortunately, there is. Russian scientists have created a bioactive iron product with a high absorption rate named Synthesit. The experience of the mineral intake aimed at increasing energy levels and improving mental balance, brain performance, physical strength and endurance.

The risk of developing dementia gets higher with age. Every year the number of patients with different types of dementia is increasing by 10 million. And this number is projected to nearly triple (!) in the coming decades. That is 152 million people who require constant medical care and attention.

One of the most concerning issues facing the medical industry today is preserving active longevity.

Can aging be beaten?

With age, the process of elimination of old and worn-out cells from the body slows down, tissue sensitivity to basic molecules including insulin declines, and the number of old and dead cells increases.

As a result, higher risk of developing neoplasms, hidden (occult) inflammatory processes in the body, failure in the function of immune, endocrine and other systems, irreversible changes in behavior, mental health disorders, and cognitive function decrement.

Active lifestyle, vegetarian diet and a range of other methods can help slow down the aging process. However, these means do not have a profound impact on life expectancy. A vegetarian or vegan diet, for example, often leads to the deficiency of certain amino acids. Many vegetarians live less than meat-eaters and are at a higher risk of stroke.

What does actually work? Supplement containing bioactive iron.

Stem cells are known to be an important source of vital energy. The experiments on mice performed at the Research Institute of Medical Primatology have shown remarkable results — the number of healthy stem cells in mice receiving Synthesit has more than doubled (by 2.45 times)

An innovative technology made it possible to create a unique mineral — Synthesit

The patients who have been taking Synthesit since 2019 note it helps them maintain normal blood pressure, and in some cases, reduce the dose or completely withdraw from conventional hypotensive drugs. All the changes in medication regimen were under the supervision of attending physicians. This is related to the key features of high blood pressure such as damaged arteries and the restriction of blood flow to the heart and other organs and tissues of the body.

You can purchase Synthesit


Supplement Facts


Premium 1600

Premium 1600

Form: 30 vegan capsules

Active ingredient:
Synthesit Iron, Vitamin B6

Amount per serving: 1600 mcg/caps






Form:  60 vegan capsules

Active ingredient:
Synthesit Iron, tryptophan

Amount per serving: 300 mcg/caps




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