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How to get good mood, well-being and optimism!?
How to get good mood, well-being and optimism!?
Stress & weakness

This fact is noted by 100% Synthesit customers feeling its powerful effect.

This benefit of the bioactive mineral is frequently mentioned in emails we receive daily.

As our customer Tamara says in her email: “The most important thing is that I got my mental balance and optimism back”.

Good mood and optimism are the main keys to quality of life. The better your mood is, the more optimistic attitude you have, the brighter your life is and the better all things are going. Moreover, the stronger your mental health is, the less stress and less problems associated with it you have.

Also, our customer Tamara notes that her lipoma that has been bothering her for about 30 years “has reduced in size by 70%” and she’s asking if she should hope the lipoma will disappear for good with Synthesit intake.

Let’s answer her question. Our body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism made of trillions of cells. It always strives to maintain a stable internal environment and homeostasis balance. That is, when something is not working properly in the body, it tries to restore it by available methods, and also to learn a lesson from it so it could be ready to deal with similar “incidents” in future. The same way works our immune system when it’s fighting off illnesses, viruses or even a splinter in the finger, the same refers to our muscles when we workout and the same way of functioning concerns our body’s tendency to store fat when we have a poor diet, and etc. Clearly, it’s quite a simplified pattern, however rather reasonable. So, to “fix” something, the body should notice it first of all, and this something disrupts its inner balance (homeostasis) in most cases. Second, the body must have a resource to get it back on track.

Therefore, back to our customer’s case, if her body did “notice” that lipoma, and Synthesit gave it power and ability to “reduce it in size by 70%” then in future if her body keeps noticing it and if her body has the power, it will obviously be able to get rid of that lipoma or control its growth that it won’t bother at all.

However, it should be kept in mind that it’s not right to consider a body’s health issues apart from the actions taken by its owner. First of all, a person should do no harm, and secondly, consciously make efforts to help the body to restore its functions.

An innovative technology made it possible to create a unique mineral — Synthesit

The patients who have been taking Synthesit since 2019 note it helps them maintain normal blood pressure, and in some cases, reduce the dose or completely withdraw from conventional hypotensive drugs. All the changes in medication regimen were under the supervision of attending physicians. This is related to the key features of high blood pressure such as damaged arteries and the restriction of blood flow to the heart and other organs and tissues of the body.

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Supplement Facts


Premium 1600

Premium 1600

Form: 30 vegan capsules

Active ingredient:
Synthesit Iron, Vitamin B6

Amount per serving: 1600 mcg/caps






Form:  60 vegan capsules

Active ingredient:
Synthesit Iron, tryptophan

Amount per serving: 300 mcg/caps




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