Cellular hypoxia is defeated

Before 2021, there was no way to systematically combat cellular hypoxia. But in 2021, a breakthrough was made — a product was introduced that improves oxygen exchange in cells!
Heart & vessels
Stress & weakness

This product is called Synthesit

Remember this name, as it is a revolutionary tool that is already changing the world!

The product is based on modified iron — it is so unusual in its formula that even the isotope composition of this iron, which is the same throughout the solar system, is different here. It contains 2 times less of heavy isotope 58.

A team of leading scientists is working on the mechanism of action of this supplement, but it is already clear that the unique ability of Synthesit is to disaggregate erythrocytes.

And this is not just dilution — which usually involves adding fluid to the blood (while erythrocytes remain agglomerated) - this is a qualitative leap in the field of health improvement.

Why is hypoxia the root of most health problems?

Dr. Otto Warburg

Nobel Prize winner in Medicine (1931)

"The root cause of all degenerative diseases is a condition called hypoxia, a lack of oxygen at the cellular level."

Aggregation of erythrocytes disrupts the oxygen supply to organs

Aggregation of erythrocytes causes diseases, aging, poor nutrition, injuries, diseases, and much more. The main thing is that microcirculation of blood is disturbed. This is the oxygen supply of all cells in the body and the removal of CO2. 

To understand how important this is, take a look at the classic blood circulation scheme:

Notice these areas:

These are areas where large veins and arteries bring blood to the organs and then branch out into a network of microscopic capillaries. Through this network of capillaries, nutrients enter all the cells of the organs. The function of ANY organ depends on the quality of blood microcirculation.

Now ask yourself which blood will better supply the cells of the organs with oxygen and remove CO2 — the one on the right or the one on the left.

On the left we see a man's blood before intaking of Synthesit, on the right, an hour after.

The blood on the left will most likely not reach the narrowest capillaries. To push such blood, the body will increase blood pressure, but this will still not help. This is where the roots of a thousand different problems grow — hypertension, arthritis, kidney and heart disease, hormonal problems, and even cancer and Alzheimer's. According to some modern theories, this is the main factor in the aging of the body.

To understand the scale of the problem, the smallest capillaries are 5 micrometers in size (according to other sources, they are only 2 microns), while the size of a single erythrocyte

is 6.2-8.2 micrometers

Even in a normal, divided state, it can only pass through the microcapillary under pressure!

The only solution to this problem in the past was laser disaggregation of erythrocytes. This method is called Intravenous laser therapy.

The cost starts at $100 per procedure and there are many contraindications and side effects.

The effect of Synthesit on erythrocyte disaggregation has been verified by several independent researchers and even a blogger.

You can see more in the video:

This video clearly shows the methodology, blood selection, and results. Such tests have been conducted hundreds of times, and the product has always shown this phenomenal result.

Blood oxygen saturation up to 100%

You can even check the effect of the drug yourself using a pulse oximeter, for example, on the Apple Watch 6. A pulse oximeter is a device that measures the oxygen content in the blood. This is an indirect but simple and visual proof of the effect of erythrocyte disaggregation.

The level of oxygen in the blood is measured in percentages. If the measurement shows 95%, it means that 95% of hemoglobin carries oxygen, and 5% does not.

The level of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is one of the main indicators by which doctors determine whether a patient needs oxygen through a mask and whether they need artificial ventilation of the lungs. The oxygen saturation level in healthy people is 95%. If the level is less than 94%, the person's condition is a cause for concern, and if it is 90%, the BO3 recommends using an oxygen mask because the tissues are not getting enough oxygen.

Indications of blood oxygen in a male, before and after taking Synthesit.

Do you know what the most important and unpleasant symptom of low saturation is? It is a decrease in concentration and memory! This is what is called a foggy brain. A nasty condition that reduces the quality of life! There are other symptoms that are similar to almost everyone: fatigue, drowsiness and headaches.

In severe cases, some symptoms of the respiratory system appear: shortness of breath, discomfort and unusual sensations in the chest, and coughing.

These conditions are pathological and must be treated! A person of any age should be attentive, concentrated, with a clear head, active and alert. You can achieve this by taking Synthesit regularly!

Next, we will introduce you to consumer feedback and you will see how much Synthesit has improved the QUALITY OF LIFE! For many who have gone from chronic hypoxia to normal blood circulation, life has become a delight with its new quality!

Global recognition, how Synthesit is conquering the global market and who is producing it

Production bases in the world

The product is being promoted at an incredible rate. In 2020 it was produced in only one plant in the Russian Federation. Now it is already produced in 4 countries and imported and sold in 40 countries!

Product protection in the world

The rapid growth in popularity of this product created the need for a system of protection against counterfeiting. At the moment — this protection is developed by the Swiss company Synthesit Swiss SA. Each can have its own unique QR code, which can be checked on the website synthesit.ch

Additionally, each box is protected by a gold hologram. The holograms are the same on products all over the world!

Scientific studies on animals and humans

The uniqueness of Synthesit's research lies in the fact that people who took it first experienced unusual and even phenomenal results, and only then, when there were many such results, did the developers of the drug order research in this area. And every time, it was a real sensation!

The table below summarizes the main effects:

x 2.45

And helps maintain the normal red cell production as well as production of platelets and white blood cells


Decreased activity of Adenosine deaminase and Xanthine oxidase


Helps with cholesterol, ALT and AST lowering

BY 50%

Decreased activity of pro-inflammatory cytokines


Increased expression of the Klotho gene


Synthesit does not have a toxic effect

Cholesterol –40% in the monkey herd in the study of the Institute of Medical Primatology, as well as a decrease in ALT, AST, sugar, and normalization of hemoglobin. 

Phenomenal results. In the last week of September 2020, reports of research on the action of Synthesit were received from several independent scientific centers.

As a result of these research works, we obtained strictly scientific confirmation of the powerful positive effect of Synthesit on the body as a whole and on cellular structures in particular. Now we can say that the mechanism of rejuvenation that Synthesit initiates is generally understood, and it is also clear that it can suppress pathological processes in the body at the cellular level, including cancer.

According to research conducted by the Institute of Medical Primatology, Synthesit reduces cholesterol levels and ALT and AST enzymes in the blood by 40%, which increase with age. In fact, Synthesit acts as a rejuvenating blood product.

This report was translated into many languages, including - English, German, Chinese etc.
This report was translated into many languages, including English, German, Chinese etc.

The study was conducted on a group of aged primates, 21‑25‑year-old rhesus macaques, equivalent to humans aged 50‑70 years.

Results summarised:

  • The study found that several age-related physiological indicators in the body of primates receiving Synthesit significantly improved;
  • Cholesterol decreased by more than 10%, and in some individuals, up to 40%, which is a phenomenal result;
  • Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) levels decreased by more than 10%, and in some individuals, by more than 30%. High values of AST and ALT indicate various diseases and increase with age. Decreasing these indicators means that positive changes occurred in the body of animals in a short time when taking Synthesit;
  • The weight of all monkeys decreased by approximately 5%. Monkeys started consuming less food. (This effect of Synthesit is confirmed by information from people who have previously taken Synthesit. While maintaining appetite, the need for food decreases, and saturation occurs from a smaller amount of food, leading to a reduction in excess body weight).

In addition, analyses showed that in the experimental group of aged monkeys, several other blood biochemical indicators normalized as a result of taking Synthesit.

Overall, the study's data on the effects of Synthesit on a group of aged primates suggest that it significantly contributes to improving health and brings the indicators of the body of aged primates closer to those typical of younger age.

Additionally, the report includes previously obtained data on the effects of taking Synthesit on bone marrow cell indicators in mice. These data reliably indicate that taking Synthesit enhances hematopoiesis and accelerates reparative processes in red bone marrow by increasing the number of mononuclear (stem) cells. This means that Synthesit actually initiates the process of rejuvenation and restoration of the body.

Stem cells increase in the number of hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow of mice receiving Synthesit

Shocking result — a revolution in rejuvenating the body!

The safety and efficacy of a long-term oral intake of a vitamin-mineral complex based on iron citrate were studied on laboratory SHK-line mice. It was proven that iron citrate does not have a toxic (damaging) effect on the internal organs and tissues of mice. The main cellular indicators of the bone marrow were studied. The effect of iron citrate on the intensity and dynamics of the proliferative activity of cell populations in all red bone marrow hematopoietic niches was identified.

Synthesit does not have a toxic (damaging) effect on the internal organs and tissues.

It is known that the main source of stem cells (SC) is the bone marrow (BM). The phenomenon of remote control of the BM over tissue and organ regeneration processes has been scientifically proven, and BM SCs are directly involved in these processes.

The bone marrow is a niche where stem cells and precursor cells are located.

The cellular composition of BM is heterogeneous in origin and morphology; BM cells are represented at different stages of their development, among which a significant percentage are mononuclear BM cells (bone marrow-mononuclear cells/BMMNCs).

All BM cells that have one nucleus and do not contain granules in the cytoplasm are referred to as BMMNCs. Among BMMNCs, there are precursor cells of hematopoiesis at different stages of maturation, lymphocytes, plasma cells, and monocytes.

The BMMNCs fraction is an extensive source of cells that can be used in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering technologies.


  • Changes in myelogram in experimental and control groups indicate that prolonged oral intake of Synthesit not only enhances hematopoiesis but also increases its reparative processes in the red bone marrow by increasing the number of stem and undifferentiated blood cells.
  • Synthesit does not have a toxic (damaging) effect on the internal organs and tissues of mice during long-term oral intake.

Huge anti-tumor potential

An In Vitro study of human cancer cells showed a survival rate of tumor cells at 12% and 16%. Meanwhile, normal cells tolerated the action of maximum concentrations of Synthesit well.

A series of experiments were conducted using Synthesit. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Synthesit on normal and cancer cell groups of humans: groups of lung adenocarcinoma (cancer) cells and colon carcinoma (cancer) cells.

It was found that cancer cells are very sensitive to Synthesit and are suppressed by its action. The survival rate of tumor cells was 12% and 16%. Meanwhile, normal cells tolerated the action of maximum concentrations of Synthesit well.

Survival curve of HTC16 colorectal carcinoma cells treated with test compound.
The mean (± standard deviation) of 3 independent experiments is shown.

This means that Synthesit has a powerful potential for use in creating a medication for anti-tumor prophylaxis.

The work turned out to be so interesting that the author of the work, candidate of biological sciences M. Dukhinova, continued to collaborate with Synthesit as a consultant on the scientific part.

In Vitro study on human blood

Adenosine deaminase (ADA) and xanthine oxidase (XO) — enzymes recognized as key causes of aging and the development of oncological, age-related, and metabolic diseases — reduced activity by two times!

Adenosine deaminase (ADA) and xanthine oxidase (XO) activity were reduced by up to two times by the iron citrate preparation "Synthesit". The scientific experiment yielded unprecedented results, which can be summarized in eight points:


The in vitro experiment demonstrated that the iron citrate preparation "Synthetit" can lower the activity of key enzymes responsible for purine nucleotide breakdown in the blood plasma and erythrocytes. This effect was observed in the vast majority (90%) of the peripheral blood samples tested;


The inhibitory effect of the iron citrate solution "Synthesit" was more pronounced in middle-aged individuals (40-59 years old). As aging increases catabolic processes, in this case, purine nucleotide breakdown (due to stimulation of ADA and XO activities), it leads to an increase in free radicals (FR) in the body, which can result in oxidative stress (OS). OS is one of the key causes of aging and age-associated diseases, including cardiovascular diseases (CVD), metabolic disorders (obesity, type 2 diabetes), and oncological diseases. Therefore, the use of "Synthesit" iron citrate can be recommended as a geroprotector, especially for individuals at risk of age-related pathologies;


The reduction of ADA activity by the iron citrate preparation "Synthesit" leads to an increase in intracellular and extracellular adenosine levels. Cells with high levels of adenosine are known to be more resistant to FR-induced oxidative stress under certain conditions, promoting the stimulation of enzymes and low molecular weight antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, and glutathione, thereby protecting cells from OS [41-44];


Hypoxic conditions are characteristic of aging, as well as most pathologies, which are accompanied by an increase in ADA activity [45]. Therefore, by suppressing the activity of this enzyme with the iron citrate preparation "Synthesit", adenosine is released under hypoxia, promoting vasodilation and increasing nitric oxide (NO) levels, a potent vasodilator, normalizing vascular tone, blood circulation, and oxygen transport to cells [46-49]. Many cells that produce adenosine have adenosine receptors embedded in the plasma membrane. In the cardiovascular system, they are found on the surface of cardiomyocytes in the atria, ventricles, and conducting system of the heart, in the endothelium, and smooth muscle cells of blood vessels. Thus, by acting through the stimulation of adenosine and NO release, iron citrate "Synthesit" may have anti-hypoxic and anti-adrenergic properties, exerting a hypotensive effect and acting as a cardioprotector;


Adenosine can stimulate an increase in ATP levels in cells [49;50], and increased ADA activity leads to a decrease in adenosine levels. By suppressing ADA activity with iron citrate "Synthesit", cellular bioenergetics can be regulated, controlling energy demand and expenditure;


Maintaining vascular tone, microcirculation, and normal oxygen delivery to cells can also be achieved by suppressing XO activity with iron citrate "Synthesit". It has been established that XO participates in the formation of vascular OS during aging, leading to a decrease in endothelium-dependent dilation by reducing NO [51]. CRO generated by XO participate in the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins and other proteins, contributing to early risk of developing atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, and microthrombosis formation [52]. At the same time, FR generated by XO contribute to the disruption of Ca2+-ATPase of the sarcoplasmic reticulum of smooth muscle cells, thereby inhibiting Ca2+ transport, leading to vascular damage in various pathological situations;


In erythrocytes, the purine metabolism enzymes generated by CRO contribute to the oxidation of cysteine residues of hemoglobin with the formation of cross-linked disulfide bonds and aggregation of hemoglobin protomers with the formation of Heinz bodies. In the presence of Heinz bodies, the plasticity of the erythrocyte membrane is impaired, and it loses the ability to deform as the erythrocytes pass through the capillaries. This causes disruption of membrane integrity, which leads to hemolysis of erythrocytes. Thus, by inhibiting the enzymes of purine metabolism by iron citrate "Synthesit" there is a decrease in the level of CRO, as well as possibly extracellular accumulation of adenosine, which is one of the first steps in the protective auto- and paracrine cascade signal, aimed at limiting cell damage in response to unfavorable conditions [53], contributing to the preservation of blood cell integrity and preventing hemoglobin oxidation in erythrocytes and, as a consequence, increased oxygen transport into the cell;


Furthermore, O2- generated by XO serves as a precursor for other forms of SR that have more pronounced cytotoxic effects, disrupting the mechanisms of oxidation and phosphorylation in the process of tissue respiration, whose main function is to maintain thermoregulation, metabolic, and energy balance within the cell [54]. By suppressing XO activity with iron citrate in Synthesit, there is a stimulation of tissue respiration and oxidative phosphorylation, thereby contributing to the normalization of biological oxidation processes and ATP synthesis.

The sensational effect at the genetic level in the field of rejuvenation has been discovered

Activation of Klotho youth gene expression by 1.9 times. This sensation has no analogues in the world!

One of the key properties noted by managing consumers of Synthetite is the feeling of rejuvenation of the body. It manifested both in subjective sensations and in objective parameters of performance.

Thus, a hypothesis was put forward about genetic rejuvenation - since this is the only scientifically proven mechanism of rejuvenation. We focused on the Klotho gene study. In one well-known study on mice published in Science journal, it was found that stimulating the expression of this gene increases the lifespan of experimental mice by 18.8-30.8%.

Studies of the effect of Synthesit confirmed the hypothesis that the bioactive mineral acts, including at the genetic level, potentiating (activating) the expression of the Klotho gene by 1.9 times.

It has been scientifically proven that the Klotho gene contributes to the normalization of growth hormone production, prevents aging of the body, the development of impaired glucose tolerance (type 2 diabetes), impaired cerebral circulation and ischemic heart disease. The Klotho gene also promotes differentiation of B-cells and prevents the development of osteoporosis.

The graph from the Klotho gene study shows an increase in Klotho gene activity when using Synthesit. This is a phenomenal result. There are no analogues to this action.

The study on the Klotho gene was conducted by M.N.S. Kaplun D.S. at the Federal Research Center "Fundamental Principles of Biotechnology" in Moscow.

Improving sports performance

At the leading sports research institute in Russia, an increase in the specific power of professional athletes by 4% was found even with a SINGLE intake of Synthesit! Such results are not achieved even with heavy steroids!

In fact, the prerequisites for this study were laid in another experiment - on mice. Their grip strength was tested.

Two groups of four mice were tested. The test group received Synthesit for five weeks, while the other group acted as a control. The conditions and diet, except for the addition of Synthesit, were the same for both groups of mice. The mice were of the same age, gender, and genetic lineage - SHK. They were obtained from the nursery "Andreevka" of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science "Scientific Center for Biomedical Technologies" of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency. A high-precision dynamometer Megion 03020 was used for the tests.

The results were truly phenomenal but at the same time completely objective. The test group receiving Synthesit showed grip strength that was 30% higher than the control group. This result was beyond imagination, and scientific consultants did not believe it until we provide video evidence, which is still available:

Before this experiment, there was also an endurance experiment that showed unusual results. The mice receiving Synthesit were 40% more active. They spun a wheel with a counter. The experimental group of mice spun the wheel more than half a million times, namely 510,662 times, which amounted to 235 kilometers in two weeks. This result was 40% higher than that of the control group, which made only 365,096 turns. It should be noted that all the mice were genetic twins.

There is still an archive of videos of this experiment — videos were recorded 24 hours a day for 14 days:

Dozens of video reviews from consumers about their sports achievements followed, including several popular video bloggers in sports and fitness who talked about their achievements. It was decided to conduct a study at the "Velikoluchskaya State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports."

The result was scientific confirmation of the following positive effects of Synthesit during a one-week intake by professional athletes:

  • An increase in specific power (relative average) by 4% even with a single intake;
  • An increase in the efficiency of the oxygen transport system by 6%;
  • A decrease in blood pressure at all stages of exercise;
  • A decrease in heart rate by 5.5% under load.

A group of marathon runners took Synthetite (three capsules daily) for the entire first week. The exercise results were measured when reaching the anaerobic threshold (AT).

AT determines the moment of transition from aerobic to anaerobic respiration when the load becomes maximally intense. For an athlete, physical endurance is important both in the aerobic and anaerobic spectra — depending on the type of sport.

The intake of Synthesit increased the efficiency of the oxygen transport system of athletes. The volume of oxygen consumption increased by more than 6% while reducing heart rate (HR) by 5.5% (Fig. 1). At the same time, recovery after exercise occurred at a normal physiological level.

Fig. 1

It is also worth noting that even a single intake of Synthesit increased the relative average power by 4%, from 7.77±0.27 W/kg to 8.26±0.20 W/kg (Fig. 2A), and contributed to a decrease in blood pressure (Fig. 2B).

Fig. 2 (A/B)

Overall, the results were so impressive that professional athletes demanded proof that the product did not contain any doping substances. Eventually, Synthesit underwent testing at one of the most respected sports institutes — the Cologne Sports Institute - which collaborates with WADA on matters related to banned substances in sports. As a result of the testing, Synthesit was included in the so-called Cologne List — the most authoritative list in the world confirming the cleanliness of doping even in trace amounts.

As a guarantee of the product's cleanliness from doping, on Synthesit’s packaging, you can see the following symbol:

Consumer Reviews of Synthesit

From 2020, thousands of reviews about the powerful action of Synthesit have been received. HUNDREDS of consumers agreed to give interviews. These reviews and interviews confirm the scientific research on the drug thousands of times over.

Gastritis gone, stronger hair, better sleep, regained energy

Julia, a Synthesit customer, tells us about her wonderful positive experience with the bioactive mineral. For Julia, Synthesit has been a miracle product. Back in time she used to be very active and a competitive athlete. Then she suffered a herniated disc and many things in her life changed. But then, with Synthesit she regained energy, strength, she can sleep better and experience the rejuvenation of her body. Synthesit can be defined as a futuristic product. It helps the body from different aspects. It makes it younger, stronger, healthier. At the same time it restores basic body functions and its biochemistry. It provides energy and vitality.

About treatment for inflammation without medication

Lilia shares her personal experience of rejuvenating and revitalizing effect of the bioactive mineral. During the first course of Synthesit intake: hair pigmentation began to recover (gray hair disappeared); inflammation in knee joints stopped and mobility was restored; gained a lot of strength and energy; a viral or infectious disease was prevented quickly.

About lowering cholesterol, ALT, AST

Valentina suffered from high cholesterol, ALT, and AST for years. The woman began taking Synthesit with shock doses (three capsules each). After a few days, she felt better, and upon taking her blood test, Valentina was pleasantly surprised - many blood indicators that previously were outside the normal range were now in norm! Cholesterol, ALT, AST, hemoglobin, and erythrocyte parameters entered the normal range. Valentina shared the results of her tests, which are also included in this video. Forget about high cholesterol; forget about harmful statins. Synthesit is the best solution!

About healing of essential thrombocythemia

Katharina is from Northern Germany, she is 60 y.o. and in 2005 she was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, a malignant disease of the hematopoietic system. It's a type of Leukemia (blood cancer) in which the main symptom is a significant increase in the level of platelets in the blood. Of course, Katharina's quality of life steadily decreased and, like other patients, constantly moved between life and death. Four months ago Katarina started taking the bioactive mineral Synthesit. In this interview, Katarina shares her test results and talks about the significant improvements in her health. The main indicator of her illness (platelets) normalized within those 4 months. This is a phenomenal result.

About muscle recovery and boost of energy

Alexander lives in Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany. He works as Physiotherapist and Pain therapist. All his life he has been doing sports. Back then he was more involved in endurance sports, such as cycling and boxing. However starting 2004 his focus shifted to weight and strength training (bodybuilding). As a specialist in his field of health and fitness, he has a constant and direct contact with his physical health, and as an athlete, he knows the importance of muscle tissue regeneration, reduction of lactic acid and recovery spans after any workout. Now he found something that has helped him. We contact Alexander and have an interview with him about his experience. He was able to fasten the recovery time of his muscles. Synthesit helps him to fasten the excretion of lactic acid and to speed up his recovery period of his muscle tissues after training.

About fast inflammation reduction and restoration of strength

Lilia shares personal facts about the rejuvenating and healing effects of the bioactive mineral that she started taking during the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to the fact that the inflammation in her knee joint stopped, and mobility was restored, Lilia noted restoring strength and energy, and quick recovery from viral illness.

About relieving symptoms of the virus

Synthesit helped a 60-year-old husband of Mrs. Tünde (Hungary) to survive and promoted his fast recovery. He got to hospital with a severe form of a well-known virus where he also ended up with a hospital-acquired infection. The pictures provided by Mrs. Tünde show the condition of her husband's lungs before and after Synthesit intake. The doctor who is the best pulmonologist in Hungary, said it was a miracle. She has never seen such good results coming so quick.

About increasing of vital energy

Our customer Bjorn Kurt has used 3 packs of Synthesit, the biocatalyst of cell energy, and shares his results. Significant increase in endurance and overall body energy levels, better mood, enhanced sexual activity and libido. Moreover, asthma symptoms have almost disappeared and no longer bother him. Bjorn’s 83-year-old mother has also noticed significant improvements in her overall health and vitality. Synthesit has no social, genetic, or cultural boundaries. Restoration of biochemical and energetic processes of cellular structures stimulated by Synthesit, tends to occur in all individuals, regardless of their gender, age and race. Use this unique product as an essential source to support your vital body functions.

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