Вся линейка продукции Синтезит

Scientific research of Synthesit

Iron citrate supplementation during pancreas cancer showed surprising results

This case study presents a unique clinical scenario involving a 67-year-old woman from Russia diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019.

Synthesit's help with oncology. Case report

This clinical case of a patient with pancreatic cancer. After 3 courses of taking the dietary supplement Synthesit, her blood parameters became normal, which were proven by the results of the tests. The patient began to feel much better and her quality of life and overall well-being improved.

Publication in an international journal

International scientific group representing research structures from Hungary, Japan, China and Switzerland has published a study on...

The International Study of Synthesit in Budapest

The Synthesit study conducted by an international scientific group from Hungary, Japan, China and Switzerland under the coordination of Professor Zsolt Radak proved a significant increase in ATP synthesis by the mitochondria of the brain (30%) and muscle (60%), as well as an increase in the level of maximal oxygen consumption by more than 10%.

Sensational scientific research

On November 7, 2023, a credible scientific journal "Preventive Medicine", in the issue №10, a scientific study was published...

The study of Synthesit on patients with metabolic disorders

A scientific study led by Professor Oynotkinova, scientific director for Therapy at the Federal State Budgetary Institution « Medical Clinic No. 1 » under the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, performed with the participation of people, confirmed a significant improvement in the blood parameters of patients and revealed the powerful antioxidant effects of Synthesit.

InVitro Cancer Cell Research

In the last week of September 2020 the research results regarding Synthesit effects were obtained at two research centers. As a result...

Synthesit: the potential against cancer

In vitro studies have shown that Synthesit helps disrupt the structure of the mitochondria of HCT116 tumor cells, which interferes with their vital functions. At the same time, Synthesit practically does not damage the mitochondria of normal cells.

Activation of anti-aging gene Klotho

The latest sensational research findings have proven our hypothesis to be true that the bioactive Synthesit mineral works at the genetic...

Study of the effect of Synthesit on the metabolic activity of cells

A powerful activating effect of Synthesit on the expression of the Klotho youth gene has been discovered at the Federal Research Centre "Fundamentals of Biotechnology".

Health recovery research

In vitro experiment has shown that Synthesit not only helps to protect red blood cells (cells that carry oxygen), but also contributes to...

The effect of Synthesit on the activity of aging enzymes

It was revealed that one of the key causes of aging, the development of cancer, age related and metabolic diseases is the activity of the enzymes Adenosine deaminase (ADA) and Xanthine oxidase (XO) decreases up to 2 times.

Oncology and experiments on monkeys

In the last week of September 2020 the research results regarding Synthesit effects were obtained at two research centers. As a result...

Study of the effect of Synthesit on the blood parameters of apes

The reliable effect of Synthesit has been proven to help reduce the concentration of age-related cholesterol enzymes, Alanine transaminase (ALT) and Aspartate transaminase (AST) by up to 40%.

Increasing the number of stem cells

The safety and efficiency of long-term taking this vitamin-mineral complex based on iron citrate were explored in laboratory SHK-line...

The effect of Synthesit on the cellular parameters of bone marrow in mice

The effect of Synthesit on an increase in the number of red bone marrow stem cells by 2.45 times was revealed in the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Scientific Research Institute of Medical Primatology". It has been proven that Synthesit does not have a toxic (damaging) effect on the internal organs and tissues of mice.

Improving sports performance

The research performed at the ACADEMY OF PHYSICAL CULTURE AND SPORTS showed that Synthesit use has positive effects on athletic...

Synthesit research on athletes

An experiment involving athletes proved: Synthesit helps increase the maximum oxygen consumption, increase power, reduce heart rate and pressure at maximum physical exertion.

Based on the scientific research conducted in several Federal State Institutions in 2020-2023, we have obtained a strictly scientific justification for the powerful action of Synthesit on the human body as a whole, on enzymes, on cellular structures, as well as on the human genome in particular.

These scientific studies have shed light on the mechanisms of energy production, youth preservation, and recovery from serious illnesses, which are stimulated by Synthesit.

BY 47%

Increased blood flow

x 2.45

And helps maintain the normal red cell production as well as production of platelets and white blood cells


Helps with cholesterol, ALT and AST lowering


Decreased activity of Adenosine deaminase and Xanthine oxidase

BY 50%

Decreased activity of pro-inflammatory cytokines


Increased expression of the Klotho gene


more Superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity

BY 60%

ATP synthesis by muscle mitochondria increases


Synthesit does not have a toxic effect