Most powerful organ in body

Why are kidneys among the most powerful organs in the body?
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Most people are not concerned about their organ functions till they don’t cause them any pain or discomfort. According to the statistics, every month the number of people surfing the internet and searching for information about kidneys, kidney pain and treatments for kidney failure exceeds millions.

Kidneys are two of the hardest working organs in your body. If you ask a random person “How much fluid do kidneys filter daily?”, some may say “about 2 liters”, but you won’t have “20 liters” as a common answer. By the way, the two kidneys together filter 170 litres of fluid every 24 hours. Can you imagine how productive, vital, and most importantly and, most importantly, technically perfect these organs are? They are able to filter a huge amount of fluid, purifying the blood from the waste products of our body.

Naturally, with such performance, the kidneys are intended to have a great “store” of substantiality, however, everything has its limit.

To restore the functioning of the kidneys and strengthen these important organs, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods, alcohol, avoid stress and use drinks and supplements that are useful for the kidneys. Today, we have a great variety of herbs and teas that help improve kidney function, but all of them may have a minimal effect, without Synthesit use. Synthesit has a blood thinning effect and it helps improve capillary circulation (the tissue of the glomeruli of the kidneys is mainly represented by a large network of capillaries). Synthesit contributes to the saturation of blood with oxygen up to 100% (so the kidney tissue receives full nutrition). Synthesit helps to increase the number of stem cells, which are the building material for the restoration of damaged kidney cells.

All these factors, the ultra-modern mineral Synthesit and a caring attitude to your health, will not only facilitate and improve the function of these powerful organs greatly, but also prolong and improve the quality of life at any age.

An innovative technology made it possible to create a unique mineral — Synthesit

The patients who have been taking Synthesit since 2019 note it helps them maintain normal blood pressure, and in some cases, reduce the dose or completely withdraw from conventional hypotensive drugs. All the changes in medication regimen were under the supervision of attending physicians. This is related to the key features of high blood pressure such as damaged arteries and the restriction of blood flow to the heart and other organs and tissues of the body.


Supplement Facts




Form:  60 vegan capsules

Active ingredient: Synthesit Iron,
turmeric extract, garcinia cambodgia extract

Amount per serving: 300 mcg/caps






Detox & Slim

Detox & Slim

Form:  60 vegan capsules

Active ingredient: Synthesit Iron,
turmeric extract, garcinia cambodgia extract

Amount per serving: 300 mcg/caps




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