Natural Products Expo

Synthesit in the USA. We are among the exhibitors at the International Natural Products Expo East 2021, USA

Natural Products Expo East 2021,

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA USA,

Booth: 4215

23–25 September, Synthesit takes part in the largest Health Technologies & Natural Products Expo East 2021 held in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Our representatives have prepared a presentation with research findings regarding Synthesit action and the results of its intake. Over the past three years, from 2019 to 2021, Synthesit received five scientific studies that explained numerous facts of the mineral’s healing and rejuvenating effect on the human body, an increase in the number of stem cells, rejuvenation of the biochemical parameters of the body and activation of anti-aging Klotho gene.

By the end of the exhibition in the USA, we will prepare a brief report and present it to your attention.

An innovative technology made it possible to create a unique mineral — Synthesit

The patients who have been taking Synthesit since 2019 note it helps them maintain normal blood pressure, and in some cases, reduce the dose or completely withdraw from conventional hypotensive drugs. All the changes in medication regimen were under the supervision of attending physicians. This is related to the key features of high blood pressure such as damaged arteries and the restriction of blood flow to the heart and other organs and tissues of the body.


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